Qiang Huang  


Please check this Youtube video on how to use the "Color Picker" app.

Fortunately or unfortunately, we are in the digital age. I have developed a few easy to use tools for artists. You will find them helpful to make you painting process easier. This is new endeavor for me. I worked with a couple of software engineers and generated these apps. Currently, they run on website only, After further development, we will have them downloadable, and regular apps which run on smart phones and tablets (iPhone,iPad, and Android).


Click following buttons to go to specific apps

This app will help you to adjust your computer screen brightness so it is compatible to your painting.

This app will help you to measure a physical color sample to figure out its hue, chroma, and value.

Useful APPs for Artists

This is not an app yet, but a look-up-table. It converts the Munsell hue value to the computer hue value. 

This app will plot color(s) on the color wheel when the hue and chroma are inputed.

This app will help actually help you to paint. You can get all the color info from any point on your reference photo. It guides you to mix color correctly.