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Painting and Touring in China 2019 FAQs

How do I book my international travel to China?

We will provide pick-up service at Beijing International Airport on September 6, 2019 and Shanghai Pudong International Airport on September 10, 2019. We also provide return services at Guilin and Shanghai. Please book your international travel accordingly. You may contact your travel agent or do it yourself online. You can Google: " travel to China" to find more services.

How do I obtain my visa for visiting China?

Please Google " Chinese visa application " . You will see information and many services to help you to apply for a Chinese tourist visa. Our tourist company in China will provide a formal invitation and program featuring all details, including duration of tour, arrival and departure dates, internal travel with timing, names of hotels, cities to be visited, specific sights, meal plan etc. With this information, the Chinese Embassy and Council can be sure that you are indeed to travel in China and they will issue visa for you. 

To provide you the formal invitation, the tourist company needs to have following information from you:

Name as shown on passport
Date of Birth
Passport number
Name of Embassy or Council to apply for visa

Please contact us and provide above information.

Should I buy insurance for this trip?

In order to guarantee you to have a relaxed and secure trip in China, Purchasing a travel insurance is necessary. We will try our best to satisfy your needs during the trip. However to have a peace of mind for both you and us, We hope you don’t mind to have your own insurance, and sign our liability waver (sent to you after your registration). You may Google "international travel insurance" to get more information and services. If you are not sure you can make it for the trip. Purchasing a cancelation insurance is also highly recommended.

I have some physical issues, Can I still go?

We will not travel to very primitive places. The fitness requirement is moderate. You may estimate your physical conditions by asking yourself following questions: Can I walk 1 mile? Can I climb 20 steps easily? Can I get on and off a ski left without much of assistant? Can I eat Chinese food? Can I function OK with the 12 hour jet lag? If you answer "no" to any of those questions, we do not recommend this trip to you. If you answer all questions with "yes", but still have some concerns, we recommend you go with someone you trust who can help you when needed.

May I bring my husband/wife or a non-painter friend?

Certainly. Non-artist participants do not for pay art lessons.

Why in September?

September offers many advantages to China travelers. The weather is good, neither too hot nor cold. Air quality is the best of the year. Since college enrollment ends in late August, the airfare to China will be significantly cheaper than summer rates. There are no major holidays in September. So it is relatively less crowded in tourist spots. 

Do I need to bring my painting equipment?

Yes, for artists who want to paint in China, please bring your easel, canvas/panels, paints, brushes, and wet painting carriers. Since we move a lot. light weight, and portable are the keys for travel.

Can I bring oil paints in my carry-on bag when I travel by air.

No, put your painting related material in your check-in bags. All international flights will allow at least one check-in bag for free.

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