I want to thank my friends Danmin Fu and Guoling Gu for developing this app. If you see any issues, please contact me. 

Color Analyzer
  Color Analyzer   
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Color  Analyzer

Qiang Huang  


This app can help you to obtain color information of an existing painting or photo. Here is what you do:

1. Click "Load Image" button to load the image.

2. Use the mouse to click any point on your photo. The color information at the point will show. You can "add" this color onto a color collection area. You may repeatedly pick and add many color samples as needed, but 10 sampled will be displayed. You may delete any color sample using the "Delete" key. After finishing picking colors, click the white area near the color wheel, the white sample circle will vanish on the color wheel.

You may choose the range of chroma on the color wheel by selecting the percentage next to "Chroma".