Color measurement using color matching method

Any color can be quantified with its hue (H), (from 0 to 360), Saturation (S) or chroma (from 0 to 100), and value (V) (from 0 to 100). HSV are called the coordinates of the color. If you know HSV of a color, you can do many analysis about this color.

If you have a color sample, how do you obtain the HSV of this color? This app will be the tool you do a measurement with. Let's say you just bought a new tube color and you want to know its HSV.

Before you start the measurement, you must have a good white light, and calibrate your computer display.

First you prepare a color sample by painting the color on a white card, maybe 2" x 2" in size. Secondly, you make the color sample partially cover the color swatch (now is red) of this app. Use a good white light to lit the color sample. Third you adjust the H, S, and V slider to change the color on the swatch until the swatch color matches the color sample. Now the values of H, S, and V on the slider is the HSV of the color sample.

Color Picker

     HSV Color Picker


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I want to thank my friends Danmin Fu and Guoling Gu for developing this app. If you see any issues, please contact me. 

Qiang Huang