Qiang Huang  


Color Meter

This app can measure colors in real time with the camera on a smart phone or a tablet. You need to use your phone or tablet to open this webpage and press the blue "Android Download" button on the right to download and install this app on your device. Then you open the app and aim at the area you want to measure its color. Press the red button to capture the color, and the color data will been shown on the app.

This app will run on smart phones and tablets with the Android system. We will develop the version runs on iPhones and iPads in the future. This app does not run on computers.

Download this app to your Android phone or tablet

If you think this app is useful, please support us for further development of apps for artists. We can work together to make the world more beautiful. Thank you.

I want to thank my friends Danmin Fu and Guoliang Gu for developing this app. If you see any issues, please contact me.