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Instructional DVD 

“Please join me on this painting endeavor of flowers. Different from other still life paintings, flowers can not been mechanically rendered.  In this 110 minute DVD, I want to show you how to create a dynamic and dramatic impression of the beauty of flowers. Since my previous DVD, I have improved even more in both painting skills and professional video making. You will find easy to follow instructions and practical tips in floral painting.” — Qiang Huang

Important notes:

For iPad users, if you purchase the downloadable version, make sure you really download and save the video file on your computer before you watch the video. The download link works only for a short time. You may lose it if you don't download immediately.

​* For those who live outside of North America: Please note the physical DVD may not work. It is in NTSC format which is standard in the U.S. and Canada. We do not have a PAL /SECAM  format DVD. You may purchase the downloadable version, and use your computer or iPad to see the video.

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Introduction to Still Life Painting 

with Qiang Huang (78 min)

$45.00 + shipping 

In this 78 minute DVD, let Qiang walk you through his five step approach to painting a dynamic still life. Qiang has been teaching workshops on still life painting since 2008. Many artists have attended his workshops multiple times, and have seen significant progress in their own art. For the first time Qiang is offering his innovative five step process for painting a still life in oil on DVD so you can paint along with him.

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Physical DVD


Downloadable Version (1.5 GB)

Floral Painting

with Qiang Huang (110 min)

Physical DVD