Plein Air Painting in Florence Italy 2017 Itinerary

Day 1 - arrival. Transport to Fiesole  Downtown walk and discussion of the history of Florence. Welcome reception   Family run modern apartment (double occupancy)

Day 2 - Roman Etruscan Ruins / demo and paint 

Evening - restaurant on lookout point of San Francesco in Fiesole 

Day 3 - morning/early aft: demo and paint from lookout point. Late afternoon city tour of Florence and Accademia tour to see "David". 
Dinner on your own at Mercato Centrale (with the group)

Day 4 - day trip to San Gimignano/Siena via Chianti - full Lunch at Chianti winery counts as a dinner. If Qiang wants we can paint here, but it doesn't leave much time to tour. We can do either SG or Siena if we paint, but not both ... Or he could demo only. ? 
Light dinner served at our apartment

Day 5 - morning transfer from Fiesole to Florence. Afternoon museum tours of the Pitti Palace and Uffizi
Gallery.  6:30 Evening stop at Piazza Michelangelo to see bronze David and gorgeous views of Florence. Dinner with a view over Florence at 7:30.

Day 6 - paint in the private Bardini Gardens/ tour the Royal Boboli Gardens   2nd dinner on your own this evening 

Day 7 - Paint street scene (Piazza Santo Spirito would be nice).  Eve cooking class/dinner

Day 8 - morning painting wrap up  Free afternoon to explore. Goodbye dinner at villa

Day 9 - day of departure. Spend the morning In Florence if you get an afternoon flight

Participants are responsible for 2 dinners and lunches (lunches can be bought for 5-8 euro easily) or participants can pack a lunch as a groc store is nearby and groceries are cheap in Italy. They can also take food from breakfast as there's usually plenty left - we serve an enhanced European style breakfast. Yogurt, granola, pastries, hard boiled eggs, sliced meat/cheese, juice, coffee, etc...


Qiang Huang  


Painter's Guide
  Painter's Guide   

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