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This workshop is designed for advance level artists. Please submit images of two of your paintings for Jove's consideration. If you get admitted, we will send you more information to sign up this workshop.


Cost: $2500

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10-Day Big Painting Workshop

Please contact Yuehong Song to submit your painting images.

the purpose of this workshop is to introduce you to the process of creating large compositions. In the past, large compositions (historical or allegorical) were deemed the most important branch of painting. Art students must demonstrate their ability to create such works before they were allowed to graduate. This practice is still true in some parts of the world. Unfortunately, it is almost a lost art to many American artists today.

For nearly two decades, plein air movement and alla prima technique have generated a great deal of interest. While they have merits, the movement has nevertheless misled many artists to think of painting as just an event. Therefore, painting in general has stayed at the sketch level.

Thanks to the vision of Jove Wang, a revival is at hand to bring back the lost art to America and usher traditional art to a higher level. Through this special workshop, he intends to inspire as many artists as he can to accept the challenge of creating serious works.

To prepare for the workshop, participants should bring enough material for three to five compositions. The motif should be figures. You’ll start by doing several drawings, then a preliminary color sketch, and finally the large painting. The canvas for the final painting should not be smaller than 30”x40”. Depending on your transportation capacity, the canvas may be as large as 50”x60”. You will have 10 days to carry the painting to a finished state. However prepare to bring two large canvases as you may be required to be working at two different paintings depending on your ability.

On the evening of the last day we’ll have a party and show at the studio to celebrate our success. You may invited other artists and guests to view the show

Please read the article on "American Artist" magazine about Jove Wang's Big Painting teaching program by click Here.

Jove Wang's Bio:

 Jove Wang was born in China. At age of Seven he apprenticed with a master painter Gang Gu. He studied art at Jilin School of Art. China Academy of Art, and Tokyo Academy of Fine Art. Jove came to the United States of America in 1990, and became a well know portrait painter. He has won many awards including the Best of Shaw at the California Art Club and Oil Painters of America. Jove Wang was invited to present his works for solo exhibitions in many galleries and museums. His paintings have been permanently collected by the Bowers Museum, the Bakersfield Museum of Art, and the Museum of Jilin. Click here for Jove's website

By Jove Wang

​May 5 - 14, 2019   9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Location:  Anderson Mill Garden Club,

13974 FM 2769, Leander, TX 78641

​Limited to 12 students


Painter's Guide
  Painter's Guide   

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