Qiang Huang  



Starting in January 2007, I opened my Daily Painting blog on the Internet. That was a significant turning point for me. Before that I was an amateur artist, learning and painting for myself. However after I opened the blog, I turned my hobby into a small business. This blog brought me so many opportunities, both artistic excitement and business. People from all over the world started to know my art. I shared my paintings and my personal feelings using this online tool. In the summer of 2011. My art was developed to a point that I quit my engineering job and became a full time artist. 

Since 2008 I have been teaching workshops. As part of my workshops I do a PPT presentation called "Online Art Business". In this presention I cover:

  • A brief introduction on how I started
  • How to photograph a painting and image editing process
  • How to establish a blog and marketing strategy
  • Selling art and Shipping

This presentation is informative and self-explanatory. Many of my students have learned from it and have had  success using available online tools to market their art.

Now I am making this presentation available to you for $9.50. If you want to access my knowhow on selling your art online, please click the button below to download this presentation.

Online Art Business