Qiang Huang  


This online course is designed for artists who want to seriously understand color and utilize the understanding to guide their artistic practices. Using videos and presentations, this course will introduce a scientific way to manage the color system. Simple mathematics will be used to establish an unambiguous theoretic model to  describe colors rigorously. Accurate measurement methods will help students to direct evaluation of the colors they are using. Combined with this online course, multiple hands-on exercises will provide the students to practice on using the theory and obtain the first hand feeling of the colors they use. Following will be a few topics this course will cover:

  • Color attributes and mathematic representation
  • How to measure colors accurately
  • Color mixing strategy to get any color you want
  • Color relativity and optical illusions
  • Colors in the real world for representational artists
  • Color designs for any artists: music in color

Qiang's On-line Teaching

This is a difficult time. The Covid - 19 Pandemic has devastated the whole world. Like most of people, we have to stay home and follow the social distancing recommendations. Many business have to stop and many schools have to be close their doors. Online teaching has become the only alternative to keep the education going. I am also look into this new way of teaching. I am in the process of developing my online courses. I am not ready yet, but soon I will have something available. This webpage will be actively updated. So please come back often.

"Rigorous Color System for Artists"

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