Qiang Huang  



The registration for this online workshop will be on a first come first served basis. If you have questions, please
contact Qiang. To sign up, Please click the registration button.

Since this workshop concentrates on drawing, Qiang will use mainly two colors: transparent oxide red and ultra marine. If you wish to know what paints or brushes Qiang is using click here for his generic painting supply list. It is not required that you purchase anything on the list. It is provided for your information only.

One-day Zoom Workshop: ​ Painterly Figurative

September 18, 2021, 12:00 - 4:00 PM US Central Time

​​Price: $75

Location: on Zoom


In this online workshop, Qiang will introduce his approach on how to paint dynamic figures from photo. Figurative arts are the most challenging for representational painters, because our viewers have the highest sensitivity when observing human forms in a painting. To make the correct proportion is critically important.  Qiang will start the workshop by introducing a new app to assist figurative artists to manage the drawing and achieve correct proportion of human forms. Without knowing too much about drawing and anatomy, students are able to create convincing figurative works. He will present his painting process and ideas about art. Qiang will show his painting procedure, and techniques with a painting demonstration.  Qiang has created multiple home made computer apps to help students to draw and mix colors. The workshop will be recorded so students can access the video at their leisure. This workshop is designed for students of all levels.